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Embudo Canyon

Here in Albuquerque one of the most gorgeous events to experience is the Sandia Mountains changing color from bright orange to pink, and then finally to burgundy as the sun sets.  Of course, most Burqueños can savor a good New Mexico sunset from just about anywhere in Albuquerque, but in the Embudo Canyon neighborhood the Sandias take center stage.  What sets Embudo Canyon apart from other areas of town is its warm embrace of the Sandias through hiking trails, biking trails and views while remaining extremely accessible. 

Embudo Canyon’s location couldn’t be more ideal.  Even though it’s tucked into the Foothills, removed from the hub-bub of the city, you can quickly jump onto Tramway, Lomas or Interstate 40 and get anywhere in town.  The western boundary is defined by Tramway and the majestic Sandias to the East.  To the North, Embudo Canyon reaches as far as the Embudo arroyo.  The Southern boundary roughly runs diagonally North-east along Lomas Boulevard.  If you looked at the shape of the neighborhood you would say it resembles the “pistol formation” in football.

However football is not how Embudo Canyonians get their exercise, but rather biking and hiking.  The extensive bike path shoots up Tramway from Central all the way to Sandia Pueblo.  Any day of the week, rain or shine, you will see cyclists from beginners to Ironmen (and women) enjoying the spectacular views as they head up this perfectly maintained bicycle super highway. 

The way to get to the trail head is by going East on Indian School road.  Just keep driving until you can’t drive any more.  From the trail head you will be able to embark on some of the most picturesque trails in the Greater Albuquerque Area, winding their way around the folds of the mountains.

Unlike the Foothill neighborhoods to the North, real estate in Embudo Canyon is much more affordable.  However, it is a fairly large and established community with approximately 1100 homes and a proud neighborhood association that has been in operation for twenty years.

Keeping in mind the incredible quality of life Embudo Canyon has to offer, this neighborhood provides an incredible bang for your buck:  Views.  Hiking.  Bicycle riding.  Accessibility.  Affordability. 

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